The Concept of Practice in CSCW

Workshop with Prof. Dr. Kjeld Schmidt
(Copenhagen Business School und IT University of Copenhagen)

June 18, 2013
10 to 13 h
University of Siegen, Artur-Woll-Haus
Am Eichenhang 50, 57076 Siegen
Room AE-A 102

CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work) is an interdisciplinary research field, which emerged from IT research since the 1980’s. CSCW has been concerned with how cooperative activities and their coordinative practices can be supported by means of computer systems. Qualitative research methods, such as ethnographic studies, have played a key role for CSCW-related work. From the beginning, Kjeld Schmidt has assumed a central role for defining the field. Since 1991 he is member of the editorial board of the journal „Computer Supported Cooperative Work“, the field’s central publication venue. Kjeld is Professor of „Work, Technology and Organization“ at the Copenhagen Business School. In addition, he is Visiting Professor of CSCW at the Institute for Information Systems at the University of Siegen.

His workshop will focus on the concept of practice: (a) its historical development as an integral element of deliberate and systematic intervention in work practice (beginning in the 15th century and in particular in the course of the 20th century), and (b) fundamental methodological and conceptual issues in studying and analyzing work practices.


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