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Locating Media Seminar – Session 4: „Technology“

3. Dezember 2019

Together with Locating Media researchers we discuss central texts of Locating Media. Each session is
dedicated to one researcher and one text inspired by Locating Media discourses and topics.

Biweekly on Tuesday 14.15 – 16.00 AH-210/11

Tues 22 Oct Sam Hind Stark, David (2009) The Sense of Dissonance: Accounts of Worth in Economic Life
Tues 5 Nov Mine Gencel Bek Morley, David (2017) Communications and Mobility: The Migrant, the Mobile Phone, and the Container Box
Tues 19 Nov Dorna Safaian Fahlenbrach, Katharin (2010) Die Mobilisierung von Öffentlichkeit: Formen des politischen Protestes (Seminar in German)
Tues 3 Dec Cornelius Schubert Sigaut, François (1994) Technology
Tues 14 Jan Rania Gaafar Postcolonial Media
Tues 28 Jan Asli Telli Venturini Tommaso et al. (2015) Designing Controversies and their Publics


3. Dezember 2019