Workshop Playful Field Research Methods

Am Mittwoch, 08. Februar 2017 ist das Playfields Team zu Gast am Herrengarten. Dr. Jana Wendler (Manchester) and Dr. Alex Gekker (Amsterdam) veranstalten einen Workshop zum Thema „Playful Field Research Methods“.

Uhrzeit: 12 – 16 Uhr
Ort: Herrengarten, Raum: AH 218


This workshop explores the potential and practices of PLAYFUL RESEARCH through a practical intervention: a playtest of a tool for playful fieldwork. Under the name Playfields, we are currently developing a prototype MOBILE APP that facilitates play-based fieldwork and research for students. It puts into use emergent ideas around open, imaginative, performative and MOBILE METHODS. It also enrols new digital technology and the playful potential of maps in a unique creative learning and research experience.

We invite students and researchers with an interest in maps, games and creative approaches to methods to join us for this event. The workshop will consist of an introduction to playful research, a PLAYTEST (which includes an OUTDOOR ACTIVITY) and an OPEN DISCUSSION.

We also welcome contributions from participants around their experiences with playful / creative research. It will be a chance for participants to get acquainted with new creative methods and get inspiration for their own work.

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