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Werkstatt Praxistheorie mit Asko Lehmuskallio

12. Juni 2019 - 13. Juni 2019

Vom 12. – 13. Juni besucht Locating Medias ehemaliger Postdoktorand Asko Lehmuskallio die Universität Siegen als Gastvortragender im Rahmen der diessemestrigen Werkstatt Praxistheorie.

Der Abendvortrag am 12. Juni, 18 Uhr, in Raum 217/18 widmet sich der fotografischen Registrierung und Identifizierung:

„Attaching Bodies to Cameras. Desired Futures and Failed Attempts“
Since the early days of photography, it was hailed for the novel vistas that it provided. For being able to see with the help of photography, both the moment of capture, as well as the development of the captured image, had to be carefully orchestrated. Various ways for doing so were developed, and how-to-guides were distributed and published. A particular interest evolved in exploring the interrelations between bodies and photographic technology, since camera technology was considered to be useful for detecting and identifying both individuals and collective types. In order to do so, initial preparation and subsequent forms of analysis were of particular interest, and the various forms developed may be considered particular suggestions for attachment. This interest continues today, as camera technologies are deployed ‘in the wild’ for purposes of detection, registration and identification, often coupled to partially automated systems. This paper discusses exemplary couplings between bodies and camera technologies, and points towards a remaining tension in their use: a suspicion towards both bodies and technologies.

Im Workshop am 13. Juni wird neben den Fragen fotografischer Registrierung/Identifizierung auch eine Studie zum kooperativen Softwareeinsatz an finnischen Schulen diskutiert („Material mediations complicate communication privacy management: The case of Wilma in Finnish high schools „).


12. Juni 2019
13. Juni 2019