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International Conference: »Sensing Media: Reconfigurations between Technologies, Bodies and Environments«

14. Juni 2018 - 15. Juni 2018

June 14-15 | AH-217/18

Ever more sensors surround us and attach to us. They populate smart devices, homes, factories, cars, and cities. They register, chart, and process bodies and environments, allowing for new modes of knowledge as well as forms of control. Sensor-based media capture and analyze human behavior in order to gain a better understanding of their actions and affects. Computation became increasingly equipped with a sensory apparatus that not merely extends or amplifies human senses but produces a whole new sensory apparatus, often beyond the reach of human senses and sense-making. It is therefore worth asking how sensor-based media reconfigure the relation between technologies, (human) bodies and environments. By focusing on the plethora of different sensors that transform devices into smart devices, homes into smart homes, and augment our environments to produce a non-human sensorium, the conference aims to map the contemporary modes of sensor-based sense-making which are deeply intertwined with the promise of the automation of labor, mobility, decisions and knowledge production.

Full program available here.


14. Juni 2018
15. Juni 2018