Gastvortrag: Reading Inequality and Identity from a Mobile Telephone Advertisement

Uhrzeit: 18:00
Raum: AH-218

Am 26.07.2017 hält Dr. Mine Gencel Bek einen Gastvortrag an der Universität Siegen unter dem Titel „Reading Inequality and Identity from a Mobile Telephone Advertisement“.

In the presentation, we will watch an advertisement by a GMS (Global System for Mobile Communications) company, Turkcell, which will last a few minutes, and then we will share a reading and reception of the advertisement.
Through the textual analysis of the advertisement, it will be argued that even though there is movement at the global level through the Internet and mobile technology, we can also see nationalist and populist elements being pushed ideologically. The technology may allow us to move globally but the existing power structures and dynamics insist on us remaining in the nation-state ‘we belong to.’ Through the reading of an advertisement from a Turkish mobile company by adolescents and young people from different social classes, this research reveals the differing situations and narratives of youth on inequality and identity: being poor or rich; being Turkish, Kurdish, American; Westerner or Easterner, as well as being happy.

The discussion will follow on the meaning of what this research reveals in order to understand the larger context at local, regional and global levels and with the hope that this case study could contribute to theoretical understandings on media and mobility.